"Sailing for Life 2008" - SL Relay for Life

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"Sailing for Life 2008" - SL Relay for Life

Postby Suzanne Zeluco » Sun May 04, 2008 3:41 pm


Once again, it is time for the sailing community to put together effort in name of charity. I am little bit late this year posting this announcement, so the "Sailing for Life" events have already started at few of the yacht clubs. But in case if you haven't heard of "Sailing for Life" or Relay for Life in Second Life, this post should cover most of the important things to know.

What is Relay for Life?

Visit the official Second Life Relay for Life website to see more information about the whole effort. To put it short SL RFL is raising funds for American Cancer Society, to help research cure for cancer.

The Relay for Life focus point each year has been the main Relay event, which has showed all kinds of interesting builds from various builders and the RFL teams, and also showed how many people put their hearts in this event, to work together for a common goal.

The first Relay in Second Life was in 2005, and the main event has grown each year. This year the main event will be hosted 19-20 July on the weekend.

What has this got to do with sailing?

There is an official SL RFL team ... "Sailing for Life" .. that will organise the sailing event in the main RFL event in July. "Sailing for Life" also represents collectively the sailing community in the fundraising effort. There are many other teams in the SL RFL, that represent defined communities in SL (Caledon, Pixels in Pink, Shopaholics etc.) ... and all the teams and how much they have raised funds can be seen on the official Second Life Relay for Life website.

So the same way as last year the sailing community has it's own official team "Sailing for Life", and we can together show the other communities that the sailing community can help with fundraising too!

Last year the effort that everyone as individuals and also the yacht clubs as communities put together in RFL, and raised funds together, sailed the boats, and made memories that stay with us everyone - it was amazing.

The sailing community also together raised over L$ 640,000 funds for the charity. During the spring and early summer there were some wonderful events that the yacht clubs hosted, and then of course the main RFL weekend, where lots of skippers sailed the time trials, and then there was the excitement of the auction ... where some very special boats got bids that went very high!

Also I know that this matter touches many from the sailing community very personally, and that is of course the most important thing. We can help together, and every little thing counts and helps.

So how do I join "Sailing for Life"?

Each active SLSF yacht club have been sent an invite to join the team as a club - and by this every club member can be seen as a member of "Sailing for Life" too. People not affiliated with any club are represented as well as the team has non-club affiliated members.

How can I volunteer or help? - What kind of events will there be?

The yacht clubs will organise events to benefit Relay for Life, during the spring and summer 2008. All the proceeds from these events will be donated for RFL cause. These events can be anything - ranging from weekly regattas, pleasure sailing cruises, to a dance party on the yacht club pier. Sailing events are highly encouraged :) - but everything fun counts!

So if you are a member of a yacht club - and want to volunteer or help the RFL cause - go to your local yacht club, present them ideas for events that you might have ... and help them organise a fundraiser event. There is plenty of time before end of July, everyone can present ideas, and help their own club set up an event or events dedicated for RFL. Make it big or make it small - every little bit will be helpful.

Later on this year there will be needed volunteers to help to create the sailing event in the main RFL event weekend - and also volunteers to keep the relay boat sailing 24h around the clock during that weekend - but more information about that will be posted later. Those who helped sail the relay boat last year deserve big thanks - they are already familiar how it works.

It is not a big request, to give one hour of your time to sail the relay boat, but here the meaning is the most important - since it symbolises that the fight against cancer never stops.

So I want to help, what can I do right now?

There are "Sailing for Life 2008" T-shirts and Flying Tako sails available, that you can purchase and 100% of the money will be donated for charity. You can also donate money in any "Sailing for Life" donation kiosk, which can be found at the major yacht clubs, and other places too.

If you're actively sailing or a member of the sailing community - I would encourage you to help and go get a "Sailing for Life" T-shirt, and wear it proudly! :) The shirt costs 250L, any amount of money above that can be donated to the vendor though.

You can get T-shirts and Flying Tako Sails for example at the following places (I will edit the list as more places will get added):

SZ Designs, Caddo

(If you have a location where you would like to set up "Sailing for Life" T-shirt vendors, please IM me)

When you got a T-shirt, go to your local club, help them to create and host an event or events for the RFL cause, and help the sailing community to raise money together to fight cancer!

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