Handicap Hotlaps - A new test course?

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Handicap Hotlaps - A new test course?

Postby Jane Fossett » Thu Aug 07, 2008 6:36 am

For the past eight months (56 months in dog years) many skippers sailing a variety of boats have posted hotlaps scores in the Racing Forum as part of a "PRHF Handicap" project.
You can read about it here:
JANUARY 3 2008
FEBRUARY 11 2008

The goal is to come up with simple set of 'handicap conversions' for mixed fleet races so different boat classes can compete fairly, just as they do in RL PRHF racing.

So far we've collected data using three race courses: NYC B1A, NYC F4, and NYC Hotlaps 2008. The results are remarkably consistent, and are posted in the HANDICAP HOTLAPS RESULTS thread. I've added a copy of the current summary of PHRF Handicap conversions below.
During the last round, many skippers raised concerns the HOTLAPS 2008 course we've been using may not be a good test course because it lacked a major downwind segment.

M1sha Dallin and I have been thinking about this and are trying to come up with a new PHRF Handicap Test Course that's simple, fun, and balances the different points of sail. At the moment we like the NYC OLYMPIC M1 Course and I've attached a chart below.

The Olympic M1 is quick and easy, has fairly balanced upwind, downwind and reach legs, and includes a sharp turn. It uses standard race markers and the course is unobstructed, so the largest and smallest boats should be able to follow the same route from start to finish.

Please take a look at the course. We'd like to get people's input and ideas about what makes a good "Hotlaps test course" before making a final decision for the next round of Handicap Hotlaps.

And if you want to add your lap scores to the data pool,
please follow the guidelines and post you lap times in the PHRF Handicaps Hotlaps thread.
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Postby Alain Gloster » Thu Aug 07, 2008 7:38 pm

Looks good Jane,
Its sufficiently different from the current one to generate some interesting data, it tests both sides of the boat and covers tacking and a stern reach so all the big wind points are covered.
Alain Gloster
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Postby Manul Rotaru » Fri Aug 08, 2008 7:50 am

After my first few laps.... that´s a better one, good choice, have posted some hotlaps and impressions here: http://slsailing.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2246&start=75
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Woots for NYC OLYMPIC M1

Postby Jane Fossett » Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:58 pm

Thank you to everyone who gave M1sha and I feedback over Hotlaps and PHRF rankings.
The comments from many sailors about the new NYC Olympic M1 course have all been positive. Special thanks to Manul for running a dozen laps on it in different boats, and to Aleister and Armchair for thinking up alternative courses to consider.

M1sha agrees we should make the M1 course 'official,' and we're already well on the way collecting PHRF Hotlaps data using it. If you want to do a few laps and add your sailing expertise to the PHRH calculations, just follow the directions and post your scores in the PHRF HANDICAP HOTLAPS thread.

PS: If you still like the HOTLAPS 2008 course, please post your results there too and we'll keep updating that spreadsheet.

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Postby Jane Fossett » Wed Aug 13, 2008 8:20 pm

Epicurus Emmons yesterday came up with a FYC HOTLAPS course that matches the design issues we've all talked about for a a good PHRF test track.
I've copied the chart below.
I'm pretty excited about it, since the first few laps on the course seem to nicely confirm the rankings and PHRF handicap data we've collected in recent months.

Is an ACA33 faster than a Skutsje 1.6?
Is an ACA33 really faster than an ACA32?
How much faster is a Larinda compared to a Yawl?
Where does a Tradewind fit in?
What boat is equally matched to a Tetra 1.2?
How fast is an ACC 2.0?
Did Havok 4 change sailboat race performance?
If the new Fizz slower than the old Fizz?
How much slower is my boat compared to a Tako 3.3?

If you go to a cocktail party at any of the SL Yacht Clubs in the upcoming weeks, its a fair bet these issues will come up.
Be prepared!
Do a few laps on a PHRF Hotlap course, post your scores and review the discussion thread....

When someone then asks you where their Defender II ranks against all those other boats...
Theres a good chance you'll know the answer!

Of course, If you don't know the answer, there are a host of equally good alternative answers. Most of those, however involve expletives and their knowledge base ranges far beyond the scope of this post's subject material.

You decide!
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Re: Woots for NYC OLYMPIC M1

Postby Aleister Biondetti » Fri Aug 15, 2008 8:01 am

Jane Fossett wrote:Special thanks to Manul for running a dozen laps on it in different boats, and to Aleister and Armchair for thinking up alternative courses to consider.

Well Jane if you remember, AC was actually the smart one doing the thinking. I just stood around grunting in agreement to what he said. "Aleister Biondetti nods head vigorously" :wink:
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